LMJ® Laser Cutting Machines: Manufactured to Perfection
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Synova - Innovative Laser Systems


Distribution Agreement between Synova and Makino America (Single Source Technologies) for North American Market

 Read more: SST Adds Synova LMJ Systems to its Product Portfolio

Synova’s ultra-compact and precise laser cutting machine LCS 50 with 3 or 5 axes and integrated Laser MicroJet® Technology

Synova is a leading provider of innovative laser cutting systems for a broad range of micromachining and dicing applications. 

Our proprietary Laser MicroJet, a water jet-guided laser cutting technology allows you to cut without heat damage, contamination and deformation unlike other conventional techniques.

Adavantages of the Laser MicroJet® cutting machines:

- No focus adjustment, long working distance
- Parallel cuts
- High aspect ratio
- No heat affected zone (water cooling)
- No deposition
- No burrs
- No chipping, no micro-cracks
- Low running costs